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The Sleepover is Now a Disney Movie!!!

Stream it now on Disney+ or catch it on the Disney Channel!

The Sleepover (with a name change to avoid overlap with another film) has been adapted into a Disney movie and it's the thrill of a lifetime. I can't adequately explain how it feels to see characters and settings that existed only in my head (well, and hopefully in reader's imaginations) brought to life in technicolor. I absolutely adore the filmmakers' take and the actors blew me away. There aren't enough overused cliches or exclamation points in the world!

And check out...

Just me taking pictures of my television screen. The subtitles say it all. 

Here, have some resources!

Activities for Budding Activists Guide:

The Art of the Swap Educator's Guide, Common Core Aligned for Grades 4-7 (includes activities for Women's History Month)

**Note: I'm on a semi-permanent social media hiatus!

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