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This book is a departure for me, and one I'm incredibly proud of, in equal parts because of the ways it pushed me out of my writing comfort zone and because of the exploration it contains about

what defines a life well lived.  


Arrival is the story of eighteen 

year-old roller derby dynamo 

Amelia (Lia), who is hard-charging and full of verve until a rare medical condition she hasn't had to contend with since infancy makes a surprise reappearance. 


Faced with an uncertain future, Lia is forced to confront the difference between the bravado she has always displayed and the vulnerability that true bravery demands. 


Activities for Budding Activists Guide:

The Art of the Swap Educator's Guide, Common Core Aligned for Grades 4-7 (includes activities for Women's History Month)

Spotlight on:


This kit is SO MUCH FUN, and I'm not shy about saying it!


Tie dye is having a "moment" and the new iteration is so much more sophisticated than the Woodstock-era tees that started it all. Ice dyeing takes the trend one step further and the results are downright dreamy. The ways the colors move and drift along the fabric is *chef's kiss.*

This book/kit offers all the instruction and materials you'll need to learn the art of ice dyeing (which, yes, is dyeing with literal ice... or even snow). 

Please share your masterpieces with me if you try this out!

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