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becker&mayer! kids

Published December 14, 2021

Paperback ISBN: 9780760372326

ebook ASIN: B00O65ZXEI

Recommended ages: 8-12 years



Science has never been sweeter! Learn the science of sugar with this activity-packed kit.

Sugar is the building block for the 10 supersweet activities and experiments in Kitchen Sugar Lab. Follow easy, step-by-step instructions to make sweet treats and learn the science behind sugar bubbles, floating eggs, and burping balloons with the included:

  • 32-page book

  • 2 rubber latex balloons

  • 1 sugar bubble wand

  • 5 candy sticks

  • 1 gummy mold


Use the candy sticks to watch bright rock candy grow right in front of your eyes, or the bubble wand to blow sugar bubbles inside of sugar bubbles (inside of sugar bubbles!). Worm- and fruit-shaped gummy molds help you create personalized treats with an easy gelatin mixture.


Experiments include:

  • Sugar Sparks: make candies that glow in the dark

  • Burping Balloons: inflate a balloon without using your hands

  • Sugar Snowman: create sugar glue to put together candy snowmen of your own design

  • Rock Candy: design rock candy as unique as you

  • Wiggle Worms: personalize gummy worms, including sour worms and tie-dye worms

  • Trickster Gummies: fool your friends with these sweet treats that look one way and taste another


Reusable components and endless variations make this a kit you can use over and over again!




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