Simon & Schuster/Aladdin
by: Jen Malone and Kristine Carlson Asselin 
Published February 13, 2018
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1481478717
Paperback ISBN: 978-1481478724 
Recommended ages: 8-13 ​



As the daughter of the caretaker for a mansion-turned-museum, twelve-year-old Hannah Jordan has spent nearly all her life steeped in the history of the Gilded Age of Newport, Rhode Island. The Elms, the mansion where her dad works (and they both live), is one of the most esteemed historical properties on famed Bellevue Avenue. Mysterious legends and priceless artifacts clutter every inch of the marble floors and golden walls, but Hannah is most drawn to the reproduction portrait of Maggie Dunlap, the twelve year-old subject of a famous painting stolen in a legendary art heist on the day of its scheduled unveiling in 1905.


Hannah dreams of how glamorous life must have been for the young oil-heiress, Maggie, at the turn of the century, but she never expects she’ll have a chance to experience it herself… until the day a mysterious mirror allows the two girls to change places in time!


In 1905, Hannah races to stop the art heist from happening—something she is convinced will allow the girls to trade back to their own eras—while in current times, Maggie gets a hilarious introduction to the modern digital age and revels in the best invention of all: sweatpants. So long corsets!


As the hours tick off to the recorded moment of the legendary art heist, something’s not adding up. Can the girls work against time—and across it—to set things right or will their swap become a permanent trade?  




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