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Will you be reading one of my books with your book club?

Books are even more fun when you share them with friends, a library group, or with a Mother Daughter Book Club. If you do, you might just want to throw a party afterwards. Below are some handy-dandy guides based on my books that will help you do just that. If talking's more your thing, you'll also find a discussion guide. *Spoiler alert: don't read the discussion questions until you've read the book!


Can I come too? Here's a little (free!) something I can offer to any private or library book club (of five or more) reading any of my titles:


free twenty-minute Skype visit during your club meeting time (please contact me well in advance to coordinate dates and times.) I can share stories with your group- like the one about how a mistake in At Your Service saved my sister's life (true story!)- and you can all ask me what my favorite color is (spoiler: it's red) or any other burning questions you might have

free swag! I'm happy to send bookmarks, postcards, and/or signed bookplates your way. If you're reading with a Girl Scout troop and would like to order a special At Your Service or You're Invited badge (yep, those exist), that can be arranged.



Click on any image below to open a printable file. 

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