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Becker & Mayer! Kids

Published July 6, 2021

Paperback ISBN: 9780760369180

ebook ASIN: B00O65ZXEI

Recommended ages: 7-14


Add some color to your closet with this DIY ice-dyeing craft kit! With just the supplies included in this kit and a heap of ice, make brightly tie-dyed patterns on clothes, bedding, towels, or any other fabric. 

Prepare a shirt or cloth for a regular tie-dye experience, but instead of using liquid dye, pile ice on top of it. Then, use the included special powder wand to scatter powdered dye evenly. As the ice melts, the fabric takes on the color, which spreads like a rainbow.

The accompanying 32-page book provides step-by-step ice-dyeing instructions and other fun experiments with color theory and aesthetics. Learn the science behind color mixing as you dye anything and everything in unique patterns and shades with the ice-dyeing technique.

The kit includes:

  • 32-page removable instruction book

  • Powdered dye in two colors (red and blue)

  • Cotton fabric

  • Powder spoon

  • Plastic gloves

  • Rubber bands


Just add ice! You will be surprised and delighted by the beautiful results.
















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