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Library, Troop, and

Camp Visits!



I work in partnership with the Girl Scouts of Eastern MA and the Girl Scouts of Green and White Mountains, presenting a series of workshops each year through the council. I am also available for private troop visits (please contact me directly to schedule). For council programming, please visit Girl Scouts of Eastern MA or Girl Scounts of Green and White Mountains.



There are now At Your ServiceYou're Invited, Sleepover, and Art of the Swap Girl Scout patches! If you would like to order for your troop, please contact me with quantities and shipping information.


Click below for a free activity guide for your At Your Service-themed troop meeting:

A sampling of places I've presented writing workshops:


Cockeysville Public Library, Cockeysville, MD (What's in the Trash)


Girl Scout Troop, Baltimore, MD (Book Club Activity Guide)


Girl Scouts of Eastern MA, Plymouth, MA (What's in the Trash, Choose Your Own Ending)


Girl Scout Troop, Kingston, MA (What's in the Trash)


Grafton Public Library, Grafton, MA (What's In the Trash)


Melrose Public Library (Tween Book Club)


Girl Scouts Adult Symposium (What's in the Trash)


Girl Scout Troop, New York City, NY (Book Club Activity Guide)


Mother/Daughter Book Club, Andover, MA (Book Club Activity Guide)


Newbury Public Library, Newbury, MA (What's In the Trash)


I have over twenty years of workshop and teaching experience and would love to present a program to your library group, camp, or Girl Scout troop (I even have special badges featuring my book covers that I can include!)  I promise to bring high energy and fun, mixed with a healthy dose of "here's how we writers do things." When I was a kid I wanted to be an author, but I didn't know authors were actually real people, with bad hair days and dentist appointments and children who leave the refrigerator door open every. single. time. I thought authors had to be like Hemingway and live in Paris and breed six-toed cats. My aim is to show how accessible and possible a writing career (or simply hobby!) can be for anyone interested in pursuing this path. 


I'd love to work with you to find a program that meets your group's needs. You can choose from one of the programs below, customize something of your own, or select from any of my school visit workshops here. If you are participating in The Margin Project, I would love to be included in your group's book club (in person if local to Boston area, or via Skype) when you meet to discuss.


Here is a list of potential workshops:




Participants will have the opportunity to pick through a "stranger’s" trashcan (no smelly banana peels- promise!) Piecing together crumpled letters, movie ticket stubs, and a slew of other items, they will use those scraps to write a short script or piece of fiction about the character they’ve glimpsed. Best suited for groups up to fifty, ages eight and up. Minimum group size is ten. 



In this workshop, we’ll write with all our senses when we pretend we’re famous food critics charged with reviewing the latest and greatest Jelly Belly flavors. After sampling our treats, we’ll write a rave review (or perhaps a scathing one if we’ve ended up with the baby wipes flavor!) describing just what was so great (or not!) about our sugary samples. Then we'll pretend we're Flavor Consultants to Jelly Belly, inventing our own zany flavors and writing an homage to them! Best suited for groups up to seventy-five, ages nine and up. Minimum group size is ten. 



In this workshop, participants will be offered some truly zany images that will serve as guided writing prompts for fun and funny stories. Writing sessions will be catered to interest levels and interspersed with writing/publishing Q&As and different formats of storytelling. Best suited for groups up to twenty-five ages nine and up. Minimum group size is ten. 



In this workshop, participants will explore the dos and don'ts of fan fiction and explore avenues for writing and publishing their efforts to a fandom community. Writing sessions will be catered to interest levels and interspersed with writing/publishing Q&As. Best suited for groups up to twenty-five, ages eleven and up. Minimum group size is ten. 



I will happily do a twenty-minute question and answer Skype visit to your troop, camp, or library for the bargain basement price of FREE. It will be our secret that any parts of me not visible on screen will likely be clad in pajamas. if you would prefer to do one of the longer workshops above via Skype, please contact me for pricing. 


















For in-person workshops, please contact with your requested presentation and the length of the visit you envision, so that we can determine a price.






"Working with Jen Malone this year has truly enhanced the girls' Girl Scouts experience. Her amazing workshops have ignited the creativity of our next generation of authors. We are truly lucky to be able to collaborate with such a creative, talented woman.  Thanks for all you've done to offer writing and other fun programs (like our NYC Adventure) to our girls!"

- Lu-Ann Souza, Manager of Program Partnership and Member Benefits, Girls Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. 

"Working with tweens can be challenging, but you held their attention effortlessly. You kept them fully engaged and buzzing with ideas and writing of their own. It was a delight to observe their eagerness to share with you and their satisfaction with the comments you made on their work."

- Meliss Bunce, Librarian, Baltimore County Public Library (Cockeysville, MD)

"I highly recommend Jen. She held the children's attention for 2 hours while they learned to create and develop characters, about setting, and a variety of writing techniques. And Jen was wonderful with the kids!"

- Erin Tuomi, Youth Services Librarian, Newbury Town Library (Newbury, MA)

"Thank you so much!!!   The program was awesome!!  The kids and adults loved it.  It was one of the best run Girl Scout activities we have been too."

- Girl Scout Troop Leader via Girl Scouts of Eastern MA program evaluation form

"Everyone had so much fun (including me!). I look forward to working with you again!"

- Allison Cusher, Librarian, Grafton Public Library (Grafton, MA)

"Jen was very inclusive and modelled the way to treat everyone's ideas as valid and important. She encouraged girls to confidently share their ideas and applauded their courage when they did so. The program was well-organized and encouraged creativity!"

-Cheri Hardy, Coordinator Special Programming, Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains (New Hampshire)

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