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"In this lively sequel, both fans and readers new to the story can enjoy the enterprising endeavors of these steadfast friends."- Kirkus review


Simon & Schuster/Aladdin M!X

by: Jen Malone and Gail Nall

Published February 16, 2016

Hardcover ISBN: 9781481432009

Paperback ISBN 9781481431996

Recommended ages: 8-13 ​


Summer may have come and gone, but for the girls of RSVP, things are just heating up!

They put together some of the best parties in town over the summer, and now the tween party-planners have been hired to plan a big-time wedding. Only problem? The Bridezilla’s demands are increasingly loony, and Sadie, Lauren, Becca, and Vi need to figure out how to handle her without going crazy themselves. But with school back in session and less time on their hands, managing the bride isn’t so easy!

Lauren is having an especially hard time with the balancing act, and when her grades start to suffer, she’s seeing red. Vi’s dad has also started his new job as janitor at their middle school and really, could there be anything more mortifying than that? According to Becca—yes. Because she’s just learned that she needs braces…and she isn’t happy about it. And Sadie’s already-strained relationship with her mom has not been helped by RSVP’s raiding of Mom’s VIP bride.

But when a hurricane threatens Sandpiper Beach and the first-ever RSVP wedding, all four girls must gain a new perspective fast…before this first walk down the aisle becomes their last.



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