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Take the At Your Service quiz: Which character's traveling style do you share?

In AT YOUR SERVICE, Chloe’s job is to take care of all the kids visiting her hotel with their families. She uses sneaky tricks (scroll down to one example) to get to know what kinds of activities her guests would like and what personality types they are. Take the quiz below to find out what kind of vacation Chloe would plan for you and which character from AT YOUR SERVICE you are closest to!


1. Before you leave on your trip, you:

a. snag tickets to a sporting event or fun show at your destination

b. shop for new outfits to wear

c. scour the web for descriptions of all the top tourist sites


2. When you pack for your trip, you’re sure to include:

a. a comfy pair of shoes for all the exploring you plan to do

b. at least three changes of clothes per day

c. a guidebook, your phone with preloaded travel apps, and a detailed map


3. When you arrive at the hotel, the first thing you do is:

a. jump on the bed

b. run a bubble bath in the soaker tub

c. carefully transfer the contents of your suitcase into the dresser


4. Your favorite thing about a hotel is:

a. the crazy toppings at the waffle bar

b. room service, dahling

c. concierges who know EVERYTHING


5. You’re ready for your day on the town. First up is:

a. not sure. You plan to wander until something strikes your interest, which won’t take long

b. shopping in the morning, spa day in the afternoon

c. a guided tour, so you’re certain not to miss a single thing


6. For dinner you’re headed to:

a. the food trucks by the park. They have all the best local food for sampling.

b. the swanky new restaurant famous for its celebrity sightings

c. the café recommended in your guidebook. 


7. It’s getting late. You’re:

a. pulling your parents to an ethnic street fair the doorman mentioned to you

b. pleading with your parents to bring you to a famous dance club you read about in People         Magazine

c. in bed, resting up for a busy day tomorrow


How did you do?


If you answered mostly A’s

You bring your sense of adventure wherever you go! You’re casual but curious, and learn about the best off-the-beaten-path places from all the locals you chat with. Your easygoing, up-for-anything style means you’re always game for trying something new, whether it be local cuisine, a new sport, or a fun dance move. If you visited her hotel, Chloe would send you to Brooklyn Flea. In At Your Service, you’re most like Paisley.


If you answered mostly B’s

You love the good life! You'll take city living over country escapes and prefer mani-pedi's and massages to campfire songs and canoe races. You love being pampered with room service and maids to make your bed. When you go out, you're all about seeing and being seen: exploring the latest hot spots and showing off your fabulous outfits while on the lookout for famous people. If you visited her hotel, Chloe would send you to the stage door of The David Letterman Show for guaranteed celeb sightings. In At Your Service, you’re most like Marie (minus the bratty!)


If you answered mostly C’s

Information is power! You love to be prepared and the more you know about the place you’re visiting, the happier you are. You love making lists and checking off the things you’ve accomplished on them. Your research ensures you’ll know the perfect time to hit the museums before the crowds, the location of the nearest cab stand, and whether or not to pack the umbrella. If you visited her hotel, Chloe would send you to Great New York Tours (where she recommends the Cupcake Tour.) In At Your Service, you’re most like Chloe herself.


You've unlocked the super secret page. Check back often for new quizes, printables, and fun! 

Print Your Own Slambook!

In At Your Service, Chloe and her best friend Paisley use a slambook to get the inside scoop on the kid guests at the Hotel St. Michele. Read below for an excerpt from the book that explains how slambooks work. 


Want one of your own? Click on any of the pictures to the left or below to print the templates, staple them together and gather your closest friends! Remember: keep your identity a secret until the last page...


excerpted from AT YOUR SERVICE:


I jump down and drop to my knees. Sticking my head under the dust ruffle, I stretch my arm out and grab a box from underneath my bed. I flip the top off and rifle through it until I find what I’m looking for. Voilà: Mom’s slambook.


When Mom was my age, she and her friends had a notebook they passed around. Along the top of every page was a question. And then under each question on each page was a list of numbers.


How it worked was that you gave it to your friends and assigned them a number. Then the whole way through the book, they answered every question on the number line they were assigned in her book. Mom was number one (duh, since it was her book.)




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