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If you're a New England teacher, librarian, homeschooler, or literacy coach, please check out our Read Local Challenge!


Compiled by Massachusetts authors Jen Malone, Lori Goldstein, Jen Brooks, and Trisha Leaver, this literacy initiative is designed to introduce students to the concept that authors are not magical unicorns (except me, of course), but regular people living and working all around them... and if we can make our dreams come true, so can they!


Here's how it works:

The challenge is open to any school, library, homeschool cooperative, or book club. Working off the poster to the right (contact me to request a free copy by mail), groups work together to read the featured titles. Each book featured is written by an author who calls New England home and is appropriate for middle school readers. (Note: some titles are classified as Young Adult. Please contact me with any questions about possible content within a particular title.)


It's that simple! 













Poster back features fun facts about each author:







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