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Give One For The Books

Give One For The Books is the brainchild of fantastic middle grade author Cindy Callaghan (LOST IN LONDON, LUCKY ME), who has been running this program successfully in the Mid-Atlantic for several years in conjunction with her school visits. She has graciously allowed me to expand the program into New England with mine. 


Here's the nitty gritty:


What It Is:

Schools who bring authors into their school understand the value of reading and writing, seek to impart this upon their students, and are lucky enough to be in a position to do so. Give One For The Books embraces that spirit and allows authors and schools to work together to spread the joy of reading even further.  


How It Works:

1. In advance of the in-person visit or Skype call, students will be provided with a pre-order form that will allow them to order their copy of the visiting author's book and/or order an additional book to donate.  


2. Donated books are collected by the visiting author during the school visit (if Skype visit, author will work with school to coordinate order and delivery of donations.) 


3. The visiting author will coordinate donation of books to a literacy center, underserved school district, library, or family shelter he or she has partnered with in advance of the visit, or will consult with school coordinator to determine an approriate local venue to recieve the books. 


4. The author delivers the books to the receiving site, with credit for the donation going to the school. Students from the donating school are welcome to include cards to the recipients if they choose to do so. 


To Participate:

Contact me to arrange for a Skype or in-school visit. 










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