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Follow Your Art: A Dreamworks Trolls Novel


Random House/DreamWorks Publishing
Published September 13, 2016
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0399557477
Recommended ages: 6+

A companion novel to DreamWorks animated movie Trolls, starring Anna Kendrick and Justin TImberlake. 


DreamWorks Animation’s TROLLS is an irreverent comedy extravaganza with incredible music! From the genius creators of SHREK, TROLLS stars Poppy, the optimistic leader of the Trolls, and her polar opposite, Branch. Together, this unlikely pair of Trolls must embark on an adventure that takes them far beyond the only world they've ever known.

Now you can meet the main characters and tour Troll Town before you see the movie! Harper is nervous about making friends. She's an artiste, and that can mean sometimes she has her head—and her multicolored hair—stuck in a project. But she has nothing to worry about. Poppy and her friends are the chattiest, friendliest, danciest group of trolls she'll ever meet! And they're determined help Harper overcome her friendship fear! This prequel novel introduces readers to their soon-to-be favorite characters and features a totally original story.

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