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Online: Where I "summer" (and "winter") until my beach house happens!


So I have some pretty super amazing writer friends. I like to blog with them. You can find my posts here:


and here:



I answer questions about me, myself, and moi on my Simon & Schuster author page.


You can read my "how I got my agent" story at Write For Apples.


And a little more about how I got my writing start at Chasing the Crazies.


Wanna know about my writing process? I dish the dirt on it in this Writers On Wednesday appearance. 


Curious how a book cover comes to be? Here I interview the talented illustrator who illustrated the cover for AT YOUR SERVICE with guidance from the design team at Simon & Schuster. Plus she shares alternate cover art!


I spill the beans about who my first love was and what I need to achieve before I die, here on The Madeleine Project


I was sooo excited to be featured alongside esteemed titles in this Barnes and Noble blog post called Six Great Children's Books Set in NYC 









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